The ebausmworld Diaries

Thiefbaums world has died. It is now run by holograms posing underneath fake names. Eric is.....effectively he's absent. Excellent FUCKING RIDDANCE. “The place am I s'posed to receive mah jokes now?”

Very little against the man, I realize he's just seeking to make us laugh, but he could attempt and obtain some primary material.

i despise ebaums planet which has a burning enthusiasm. when ever another person i meet up with in life is all like " Have you ever ever been to ebaums They are awesome"

Image banner: "This picture is NOT the house of eBaumsworld'" Surfer: "So why the traveling fuck is this unpleasant banner stripped throughout it?

I despise just how they experience It is necessary to slap their identify on nearly anything and everthing, professing it as their own personal. And along with all that, their Discussion boards are even worse than ours. No offence supposed, NG.

The location has a good amount of soundboards and prank phone calls and is highly controversial in internet circles, as a consequence of Substantially of its articles getting taken from other sources (which include YTMND, A thing Terrible, Albino Blacksheep, 4chan, Olde English, Weebl's Stuff and Newgrounds, among Other people) without authorization or attribution and rebranded Along with the eBaum's Entire world brand.

A British officer as soon as explained to of pirates that, the "French battle for revenue although we struggle for honor", as well as the pirate replied, "Many of us fight for what we absence quite possibly the most."

i detest ebaums planet by using a burning enthusiasm. when ever an individual i meet up with in everyday life is all like " have you ever been to ebaums They are cool" im all like "shut the fuck up, ebaums sucks donkey nuts, get youre ass above to newgrounds in which they hold shit restricted!"

) Neil Bauman sent out a number of letters towards the website owners on the websites stolen from, several of which went really in depth about the plot to Manos: The Palms of Fate. Due to the fact then all other Web sites have signed promotions with comedy central. Minor do the users of these web-sites realize that eBaums World employs a loophole in copyright infringement laws. The thing is, all of their content is cut, pasted, or copied. Utilizing your Kindergarten crafts kit of scissors, glue, and perhaps some trace paper is by no means thieving. The way in which eBaums Earth materials is observed is an extremely fragile, legal course of action. The measures are as follows.

eBaums Planet, a internet site with hilarious product that was all stolen from other internet sites without the need of their consent, and stamped with is watermark. Some stolen content incorporated some looping pictures of Linsday Lohan exactly where she will not improve facial expressions, and a nuts Woman conversing with a telemarketer which was pretty much on his website the next day soon after showing on YTMND. (small for you are the gentleman now, Canine) had written content stolen from It absolutely was the "Lindsay Lohan will not modify facial expressions" 1. The author of that animated gif questioned Ebaums to acquire it down considering that they didn't credit the creator and went as far as putting the Ebaumsworld symbol on it.

Newgrounds is a web site for thirteen calendar year olds who cannot realize the distinction between "there", "their" and "they´re".

Stupidity For the remainder of us who don't Use a daily life shame, idiotic and nonesense; polluting the thoughts

Eric picks some fresh new, amusing photographs from some other web-site our photoshop monkeys locked away from the eBaumsWorld HQ basement offices! I am sorry for your watermarks but we would not want folks thieving our material would we? edit [Online video]A get more info Jar of Mayo!

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